Practicing Business Law for Over 50 Years
Serving Rochester & Dover, NH
Hanlon & Zubkus is the leading business law firm in the Rochester & Portsmouth, NH area. Specializing in business organization cases and franchise law, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience in business and commercial law. You may need our assistance if your needs fall into any of the below categories: 

• Business & Commercial
o Contract Disputes
o Breach of Contract
o Failures to Pay
o Labor Litigation
o Discriminatory Practices
o Wrongful Termination

• Business Organizations
o Sole Proprietorship
o Partnership
o Corporation
o Limited Liability Company (LLC)
o Trademarks
o Trade Names
o Services Marks 
o Logo Usage 
There are a lot of elements incorporated in each section of business law, so it is always recommended to consult an attorney prior to making any major decision. If you need professional assistance regarding legalities with your business, contact one of our attorneys today.  

Business Law isn’t easy to understand. Let our team help! 

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