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Franchise Law is the area of law revolving around the right or license that is granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services in a particular territory under the company’s trademark, trade name, or service mark.

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A franchise is a retail outlet owned by independent third party operators through which a company distributes its products or services. Generally, the independent operator pays an initial fee and royalties to the owner of the franchise. 

In the case of a franchise, the franchisee is given the right to use and distribute the franchisor's trademark, logo, and other commercial brand entities. The franchisor retains substantial control over how the franchisee operates their business, how the business is portrayed and how trademarks are utilized. The new site often has requirements in terms of the placement of the business, hours of operation, production and accounting methods, training, site design, and more. The franchisee is also required to pay their franchisor a variety of fees.
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Our Firm is Currently Representing Franchisees of Nationwide Franchises.

The representation has included negotiating of franchise agreements; renewal of franchise agreements; compliance with franchise rules; franchisee employment practices; developing commercial leases for franchisee locations and ensuring compliance with state labor laws.

Should you be in the process of negotiations with a franchisor, be actively seeking to purchase a franchise or just curious regarding whether you are in compliance with franchise rules and requirements, contact a franchise law attorney at Hanlon & Zubkus at (603) 332-8499.
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